Why Living In The Present Will Change Your Life

Do you find yourself living your life in your thoughts? Instead of living in the present moment and focusing on the people you are with, do you waste your time worrying about what happened yesterday or what you are going to face tomorrow? If we can learn to live our lives in the here and now it can have a dramatic effect on our emotional well-being and physical health. Your mind is the only thing stopping you from living in the present. Take a deep breath and begin your journey to mindfulness.


This article outlines five ways you can start living in the present.


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My mission as a certified health coach is to help you support your thyroid using The Seven Essentials for Optimal Health. Together we will explore the food you eat, your perception of stress, and how much quality sleep you get each night. We will look at the amount of safe movement you engage in daily, if you are having fun regularly, your connection to spirituality, and how you are dealing with past trauma. The goal isn’t to balance all areas of your life equally, rather to work on the areas which support YOUR thyroid health, allowing you to live your best with Hashimotos.

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