How To Move Like Your Ancestors

Over a hundred years ago you couldn’t find a fitness place on every corner. People didn’t spend hours a day working out to try to achieve optimal health. There daily life was their exercise. Basic tasks like walking, lifting heavy things, gardening and daily chores where exercise for their bodies. The modern conveniences of our world today have made it necessary for us to think about the amount of movement we actually partake in daily. Do we need to have a gym membership to be healthy or can we adapt our lives to be more like our ancestors whose exercise was their daily life?


This article by Chris Kresser explains why incorporating movement into our daily lives is better than a gym membership.



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My mission as a certified health coach is to help you support your thyroid using The Seven Essentials for Optimal Health. Together we will explore the food you eat, your perception of stress, and how much quality sleep you get each night. We will look at the amount of safe movement you engage in daily, if you are having fun regularly, your connection to spirituality, and how you are dealing with past trauma. The goal isn’t to balance all areas of your life equally, rather to work on the areas which support YOUR thyroid health, allowing you to live your best with Hashimotos.

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