Get Your Life Back: 5 Natural Treatments for PTSD Symptoms

The majority of people at some point in their lives will deal with trauma. Experiencing the loss of a loved one, physical or mental abuse, natural disaster, war combat, accident, or illness are all examples of traumatic events we encounter. Traumatic events not only raise our stress hormones which has an impact on our entire body, but if left unresolved can cause many long term health issues such as sleep disorders, heart issues, high levels of irritability and muscle tension. Learning the signs and symptoms of traumatic stress can help determine if support is necessary to help you resolve your past trauma.


This article has five natural treatments for PTSD.


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My mission as a certified health coach is to help you support your thyroid using The Seven Essentials for Optimal Health. Together we will explore the food you eat, your perception of stress, and how much quality sleep you get each night. We will look at the amount of safe movement you engage in daily, if you are having fun regularly, your connection to spirituality, and how you are dealing with past trauma. The goal isn’t to balance all areas of your life equally, rather to work on the areas which support YOUR thyroid health, allowing you to live your best with Hashimotos.

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