Is There Mold Lurking?


When my husband and I came downstairs at 1:00 am and found water covering the first floor and leaking into the basement, I admit my first thought was not mold. After exclaiming a few choice words, shutting our water off, and cleaning up the mess, I began to worry about the damage we were going to have to deal with.  Were the hardwoods ruined, how much damage did the kitchen cupboards sustain, were the carpets salvageable? It wasn’t until the restoration company showed up that we realized the extent of our problem.  Our dishwasher water valve had been leaking for quite a while without us realizing it and finally burst. After pulling out the dishwasher we discovered it - MOLD!


The wood all around the dishwasher was covered in mold. Without pulling out the rest of the cabinets and floor we had no idea the extent of the damage. I wanted to treat the mold I could see quickly and efficiently, but didn’t want to use harsh chemicals like bleach. I immediately began diffusing Purification essential oil to combat the mold spores in the air. I made a solution of Tea Tree oil and sprayed the areas I could see with mold damage. I knew black mold could be dangerous and cause many symptoms such as headaches, sneezing, coughing, fatigue, fever, eye irritation, rashes and chronic fatigue. We took the necessary health precautions, started a kitchen upgrade, and rid ourselves of the nasty mold in a way that was natural and safe for our family.


This article has some great information on what black mold is, how to deal with the symptoms, and safely remove it from your home. 


Edit: After many long weeks without a kitchen, I'm happy to report our renovation is 99% complete! I'll be sharing some before and afters very soon!

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