Make This Holiday Season The Healthiest Yet - Where to Begin




But think back to your childhood…


Holidays were ALWAYS filled with joy, excitement, and fun so why did this have to change?


There was a survey conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center where they asked people what they dread most about the holiday season and the results are exactly what you would expect…


68%: Crowds and long lines

37%: Gaining weight

37%: Getting into debt

28%: Gift shopping 

25%: Traveling

24%: Seeing certain relatives

16%: Having to attend holiday parties or events

15%: Having to be nice (I am assuming this means being nice to people you don't like lol)

12%: Holiday tipping 


But what about the joy associated with all of this negativity…


I mean, is it possible to make all of the above FUN and filled with HEALTH?!?!


Maybe I am too idealistic, but at the same time, I do believe it is possible to maintain our health and remain stress-free during this time of year. 


Over the next few weeks I will share a handful of strategies that are guaranteed to make this year better (as long as you follow through).


Here's an exercise you can do for yourself, or you can even share it with all of us, which is encouraged if you are comfortable. It will help create more clarity for your ideal holiday season.


Fuzzy targets don’t get hit which is why most people are unable to accomplish their goals because they never truly define the desired outcome and envision what will become possible as this outcome is achieved. 


Therefore, spend some time in your thoughts and begin to see yourself living out the ideal holiday season.


Who would you spend time with?

What foods would you eat?

What presents would you purchase?

What gifts would you receive?

Where would you be located?

How would you define this holiday season as successful?


Every successful outcome begins with a clear plan of where you are going. Take a few minutes and write out a response to these questions. 


The first strategy to stay healthy and stress-free during the holidays is to BE AWARE.


Awareness is such a powerful skill, and from what I have seen, it is the difference between making your goals real or missing the mark. 


We live in an extremely on-the-go society, and distraction has become our new norm. As a result, many people make poor choices when it comes to the foods they put in their bodies, ignore the people they love the most, and struggle with productivity. 


My challenge for you is to be extremely aware during this holiday season of the following.

  • The foods/drinks you put in your body

  • The time you allocate to be with your family

  • The money you spend

  • The attitude that shows up when traveling

  • The amount of physical activity

  • The people you interact with


Your goal should be to ask yourself questions as you engage in any of the above activities.


For example, if you are about to consume a variety of sugary treats or an unhealthy meal, ask yourself a series of questions.


“How does this decision serve me? Will it get me closer to my ideal holiday season? Is there a better choice I can make that will help me achieve my goal?”


As human beings, we are often extremely impulsive with our decisions (especially when given a variety of options to choose from) which is why the holidays are often difficult for most. If we give ourselves the permission to think, even for a few seconds prior to acting, our choices will be more aligned with our vision for creating an ideal holiday season.


Another example would be if you are spending time with family, ask yourself a series of questions.


“Am I showing up as the character I want to be in this situation? Will I be proud of the way I acted during this event? What can I do to be the best version of myself regardless of the circumstances?”


Self-awareness is not easy, but it becomes simpler when you're clear on your desired outcome.


My question for you is…

In what area of your life will you be hyper-aware during the holidays? Can I help? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


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My mission as a certified health coach is to help you support your thyroid using The Seven Essentials for Optimal Health. Together we will explore the food you eat, your perception of stress, and how much quality sleep you get each night. We will look at the amount of safe movement you engage in daily, if you are having fun regularly, your connection to spirituality, and how you are dealing with past trauma. The goal isn’t to balance all areas of your life equally, rather to work on the areas which support YOUR thyroid health, allowing you to live your best with Hashimotos.

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